Synod Update Autumn 2020

Synod 2021
Following the Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter about the next phase of the Archdiocesan Synod, copies of the
Synod proposals for each of the themes will be attached to the newsletter over the next three weeks.
This week the theme is: ‘Sharing the Mission of Jesus’ Each theme has a number of headings with an
‘affirmation’ and a series of proposals.
At the beginning of December, our Synod members will be asked to indicate which of those affirmations
and proposals they consider should go forward for discussion at the Synod next year. To assist them in this
task, you are asked to take the proposals home with you for consideration, and to indicate for each theme
2 affirmations and 5 proposals which you believe should be the subject of the Synod discussions.
Each week there will basket at the back of Church for you to place your suggestions.

please click the documents below to view each theme

Synod Theme 1

Synod Theme 2 

Synod Theme 3


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