Synod 2020


An invitation from our Synod representative, Leanne Morgan-Hillam, to a gathering this Sunday,14th July ,after 10.30am mass in the Canons Hall. Refreshments provided. Come and join us to make a difference in our Archdiocese…
A preview of the questions are here to get you prepared:
Q1: Where in your everyday life do you experience love, truth, goodness, hope, and joy?
Q2: When you reflect on your life now, and as you look to the future, what causes you concern or worry?
Q3: What is the purpose of the Catholic Church in the world today?
Q4: Having reflected on these things, what are the topics you would like to see on the agenda of Synod 2020?
If you can’t make the date but would like to contribute, answer the above questions and put in a sealed envelope and post them in the labelled box at the back of church. Available from Tuesday pm.




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