Church Graveyard Upkeep

St. Oswald’s Cemetery
Those of you with family graves at St. Oswald’s will be only to aware that a great deal of work needs to be
done to bring the cemetery grounds back to an acceptable state. Already this year, a considerable amount
of money has already been spent on felling and pruning dangerous trees, and this is only scratching the
surface. A great deal more is required over a long period of time, as it is impossible to everything at once.
It is, however, unreasonable to expect that the cost of this should be borne entirely by those who contribute
each week at Mass. From the 1st September, therefore, a new set of Cemetery Regulations will be
introduced, including an annual £30 Cemetery Maintenance Fee, in line with that currently
effective at Our Lady’s. Copies of the new regulations can be viewed at the entrance to the Cemetery, and
on the Church Noticeboard

A copy of the regulations can be found by clicking the link below

St. Oswald’s Cemetery[349]


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